22 7 / 2011

came across kinda simplified jquery when i needed to populate one html select box based on anothers’ selection. i had to select ‘sub department’ based on ‘department’.

works on select ‘name’ so put names for both of the select boxes.

'department' box is pre-defined:

<select name=”department” class=”formtext” id=”department”>

                                         <option value=”” selected=”selected”>Select</option>

<option value=”Finance”>Finance</option>

                                         <option value=”Marketing”>Marketing</option>

                                         <option value=”Sales”>Sales</option>

                                         <option value=”Legal”>Legal</option>

                                         <option value=”Human Resources”>Human Resources</option>

                                         <option value=”Architect”>Architect</option>

                                         <option value=”Purchase”>Purchase</option>

                                         <option value=”Land Liaison”>Land Liaison</option>

                                         <option value=”Projects”>Projects</option>

                                         <option value=”Administration”>Administration</option>

                                         <option value=”Information Technology”>Information Technology</option>

                                         <option value=”Construction”>Construction</option>

                                         <option value=”Accounts & Finance”>Accounts & Finance</option>

                                         <option value=”Other”>Other</option>


'sub department' box:

<select name=”sub_department” class=”formtext” id=”sub_department” style=”width:165px;”></select>

jQuery code:


var subdepts = {

    Sales: [‘Corporate/ Institutional Sales’], // Map charclass to roles

            Purchase: [‘Store’],

            Projects: [‘Contracts’, ‘Billing’, ‘Quantity Survey’, ‘Quality’, ‘Execution’]



$(‘select[name=”department”]’).change(function() { // When charclass changes

            var options = ‘<option>Select Subdepartment</option>’;

            $.each(subdepts[$(this).val()] || [], function(i, v) { // Cycle through each associated role

                  options += ‘<option>’ + v + ‘</option>’;


            $(‘select[name=”sub_department”]’).html(options); // And update the role options



08 7 / 2011

Recently i was working a design which had fixed header in webpage. header has to be fixed (should not scroll). i tried giving position:fixed; it worked for all browser but internet explorer 6.

adding *html for ie6 as following will the problem.

*html .header





14 6 / 2011

for all those newbies worrying about designing web forms, here’s an article for you. http://www.uie.com/articles/web_forms/.

it will surely help you enhancing your UI, specially the forms. everyone has different idea when it comes to designing UI for forms. basic idea is, it has to be as simple as possible for user. the article is really useful and contains very basic but important rules to be followed.

have a look

24 1 / 2011

are you really screwed searching for something that would help you decide the standard width in pixel for your website. starting design from the scratch, most of the designers get confused about choosing correct width for their design. many of them make it according to their knowledge, some do it the way they feel comfortable designing, few take others’/experts’ opinion.

i think you decide by yourself, based on what trend is going on plus what web market and statistics are saying. sounds logical. go through global statistics that will help most of you. 

24 1 / 2011

India is celebrating its 62nd Republic Day on Wednesday, 26th January 2011. It is one of India’s most important national events.

The Republic Day celebration was started on 26th January 1950 that the Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India.

Republic Day Parade takes place at the Rajpath, in the national capital New Delhi. The parade will starts from Raisina Hill, near the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and ends the historical Red Fort.

The 2011 Republic Day parade is attended by the Indian President and Prime Minister along with a President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from Indonesia as a chief guest.

The Republic Day parade is includes band and march past of various army, navy and air force segments. It also includes traditional folk dances and tableaux of different states of India.

Television channels in India will telecast Republic Day Parade Live on 26 Jan 2011 from 9.20am onwards.

21 1 / 2011

As with many CSS properties relating to margins, padding and borders, there are four individual properties - one for each corner of a box element - and one shorthand property. Each of the corner attributes will accept either one or two values. The border-radius property will accept up to two values in WebKit browsers and up to eight now in Firefox 3.5.

The Mozilla properties used here do not conform to the standard (hence the -moz- prefix) and until Firefox 3.5 only supported round corners. In newer versions of Firefox elliptical corners are also possible.

As some people have pointed out these properties can be used not just for ‘boxes’ but for many other HTML objects including form elements.

The latest versions of Safari now support  -webkit-border-radius. Previously only the ‘nightly builds’ contained this functionality In Opera the syntax for the corners is the same as in Safari, but the behaviour of border-radius with two values matches that of Firefox.

Opera, and now Safari (Mac), will support border-radius properties without any prefix. However the most important information is right here - Internet Explorer, at least up to version 8, has no support for the rounded corners css properties.

06 1 / 2011

While designing HTML emails, it’s always good to keep watch on your design dimensions. Your subscribers should not have to scroll to the right side of monitor to see your email completely.  To be on safer side, its recommended having maximum width of 600-650 pixels. And on more conservative way of design, you should have maximum width of 550-575px.

05 1 / 2011

Guys if you’re facing problem embedding google map or video or iframe in your blog, just go to this page http://robksawyer.com/embedr/

This guy has created an interface, you just need to paste your iframe code and get a single line of script. include the script into your blog, and get your iframe embedded!

The use of <script> and <iframe> tags in the Rich Text fields are not allowed, or rather, are not interpreted as their types, but just as text, because it’s a rich TEXT field.  As a rich text field, the content of the field is something that a USER can set.  As such, any web site that would allow a USER to set the content of a field to something that is executable such as SCRIPTS or IFRAMES, would pose a grave security risk.

17 9 / 2010

hi all!